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In today’s world, there are endless strategies for pitching and promoting your music. The competition is fierce and there’s always a learning curve with what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Groover, a new and accessible way for artists to get their music heard.


Groover connects musicians to over one thousand media outlets, music labels, and influencers, guaranteeing your music will be listened to. Plus, you’ll receive constructive feedback and coverage from listeners that will help you to grow as an artist. With features like customizing your profile and song pitches, plus search filters to help you find the best contacts, Groover guarantees your music will get heard by the right people.


As a TuneCore artist, when you sign up for Groover, not only will we distribute your music to your favorite streaming platforms and digital stores like Spotify and Apple Music, but you’ll also receive valuable and constructive feedback from hundreds of music industry experts via Groover.


To learn more about our partnership with Groover, be sure to read our blog. Sign up and get started today!


Use the discount code TUNECOREGROOVERVIP to receive 10% off your next Groover campaign. Follow this link for instructions on how to apply the code.

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