The 2018 Pot Election Unlocks a Potential $1.3 Million

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June 14, 2018
I don't care about offending you (this is about making money)

Last year, I put out an "offensive" video with fair warning - if you can't handle the hard truth, you're better off skipping this. But if you had followed along with me during the past year while I targeted the absolute worst stocks in America - stocks that deserve to fail - you could've seen the equivalent of turning $10,000 into $720,000. So you can either get offended... or learn how to get rich. The choice is yours.


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The 2018 Pot Election Unlocks a Potential $1.3 Million

Dear Total Wealth Reader,

Just one week ago today, the Canadian Senate passed legislation that legalized the recreational use of marijuana. The bill goes through the House of Commons, now, but the majority opinion is that it will be a landslide victory.

When that happens, they'll become the second country to legalize the substance - following shortly after Uruguay's vote last year - and this undoubtedly will begin a domino-effect.

The best part about this isn't a just a moral victory for the yea-sayers around the world who are touting the benefits of marijuana usage. That doesn't concern us. The fact is, this opens up a huge profit opportunity, and there's a ton of money to be made from such an infant - yet booming - industry.

$25 billion in UNDERPAID Social Security benefits [Inspector General audits reveal]...

You could be eligible to collect as much as a $23,441 lump-sum check from the Social Security Administration - recent audits by the Office of the Inspector General reveal tens of thousands underpaid. Click here to learn about what's going on.

Let's take a look at the North American Marijuana Index. The Index tracks the leading cannabis stocks operating in the United States and Canada. In the past three years, it's appreciated 310.38%, while over that same time period, the S&P 500 rose a mere 33.08%.


Growth in the marijuana industry is due to the small and booming companies that broke growth scales - and the pockets of savvy investors. Companies like Canopy Growth Corp. (OTC:TWMJF) and Aurora Cannabis Inc. (OTC:ACBFF), who have appreciated 1,248.66% and 1,147.77%, respectively, from July 1 2014 to our time of writing. That's enough to turn a measly $1 into $1,248.66 or $1,147.77 on stock appreciation alone.

After the Canadian legislation passes through the House of Commons and the recreational usage becomes the law of the land, legal sales will absolutely skyrocket in Canada - and will make other countries envious. Especially the United States.

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce has estimated that Canada could see $6.5 billion in legal retail marijuana sales by 2020 when passage occurs - so just imagine what that would be like for the U.S., whose economy is roughly 11.5X larger than Canada's, according to gross domestic product (GDP).

But, there's no need to wait and imagine what that would be like.

It's 2018, so that means it's time for midterm elections in the United States Congress. Between now and November 6, a record-breaking 16 states will be voting to legalize marijuana. That means more than 60 million new customers could soon be opening their wallets and unleashing the profit opportunity of a lifetime - and not in Canada, but on American soil.

This $1.3 Million Profit Opportunity Is Unfolding at the Ballot Box

This past Friday, President Trump's earth-shattering announcement to support ending the federal ban on marijuana sent shockwaves throughout the legal cannabis industry. And with a record 16 states voting on legalizing marijuana this November, it's clear that the industry is headed for historic heights. Time and again, we've witnessed this pattern - marijuana legalization passes, pot stocks take off, and early investors have the chance to mint millions. But this news has the potential to spark even BIGGER profits than what we've seen already... and could help you turn a small stake into a $1.3 million fortune. Learn how here.

And, like clockwork, we've seen a story like this before. Marijuana legislation passes in the U.S., the industry's best pot stocks take off, and early investors get the chance to pocket life-changing wealth.

The news for this year is different, though. That's because there's already a track record of pot stocks which started soaring to huge highs during election years. This year has the potential to spark even bigger profits than the exceptional gains we saw starting in the election years of 2012, 2014, and 2016, too.

Case in point, in 2016 alone, over 20 pot stocks started soaring up to 1,000%. That could happen again.. Which is why it's more crucial than ever to get your foot in the door of American cannabis companies before the rest of the investing public wakes up to the opportunity. 

If you jump on board, right this very second, you could turn a small stake into a potential $1.3 million fortune.

I think it goes without saying that if you miss this opportunity, you may miss the boat completely... and it won't come back. Once the entire U.S. is legalized for recreational marijuana use and all of the American pot companies are here and established, you might need a telescope to see this ship in the distance.

Just click here to learn how you can jump in before you miss out.

Until next time,

The Total Wealth Research Team

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