Andrea Fuller Tweeted: I feel seen.

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Andrea Fuller
I feel seen.…
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How IRONSI stopped RESTRUCTURING of Nigeria and introduced the UNITARY SYSTEM we have today.
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Fabrizio Romano
Paul Pogba to RTL: "This is a period I've never experienced in my career. The French national team is a breath of fresh air… we are very happy to come here. It's not the same as with the club. We all group together, it is magical". [@GFFN] 🔴🇫🇷 #MUFC #France #Pogba
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Aubameyang P-E
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Jubilee Insurance
Monday Blues anyone? Happy New Week Fam! #MondayMotivation #LiveFree
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Tony O. Elumelu, CON
Last night, the Kingdom of Belgium conferred on me with the honorary distinction of Officer in the Order of Leopold, the country’s oldest and most important National Honour.
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