Reminder: Text2Give shuts down tomorrow

Create: 2022-05-09
Update: 2022-05-10
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Hi Dirk,

We wanted to remind you that tomorrow, May 10th Text2Give is shutting down in Canada. If you missed the earlier email from us on April 28th, you can read the full announcement here but the short version is: our 84321 "short code" is being decommissioned by the "Short Code Council" in Canada. Tomorrow, we'll lose our ability to route SMS messages through 84321.

For the past two weeks, donors who have used Text2Give have received an additional reply message alerting them to this change and directing them to your Church Center donation form. If they happen to have the Church Center mobile app installed, the link automatically opens the mobile app instead.

How to Identify Your Text2Give Donors

If you'd like to personally reach out to your donors who use Text2Give most and help them move over to a new method of giving, here's how to build a list in Planning Center People of all the donors who used Text2Give in the weeks or months prior. In this example, we're targeting all donors who gave using Text2Give since February 1st 2022.

Once you've generated this List here's a quick guide to this powerful feature.

Following up With Lapsed Donors

A few weeks from now, you may want to check to see if donors who previously used Text2Give have found some other way to give. Here's another People List you can use to find all the people who seem to have lapsed.

Contacting People

Once again, Lists to the rescue! Right from within Planning Center People you can contact all these donors using an email or a text message.

If you make use of Workflows in Planning Center People, you can even use an automation to add all these folks to a custom workflow.

Once again, we're sorry to see Text2Give retired in Canada. The decision to shut down an actively used feature is never easy, especially when it has the potential to disrupt how people give to your church. If you need any help with setting up these People Lists or you have any questions at all, please reach out to our support by replying here.


Planning Center and the Giving Team