Jan - finish your application tonight!

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If you’ve got a spare 30-60 minutes tonight, why not continue your Atlantis application?
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Hi Jan, 

Ben Demers here from Atlantis. I saw you clicked the “apply now” link in one of my previous emails, but haven’t yet finished your application. 

Benefits of applying tonight: 

  • First pick for some of our top locations
  • Increased chances to score better flights to Europe
  • Complete the bulk of your application process - finalizing your interview details and getting an admissions decision - before Thanksgiving break

To apply, head over to https://www.atlantisglobal.org/applynow/. You can also click that big orange button below to take you right to the application page. 

Hoping you take this opportunity to join the ranks of successful Atlantis alumni,

Ben Demers

Benjamin Demers - Director of Student Engagement, Atlantis 

Finish my Application!

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