5 Reasons to Consider Tolomatic High Force Actuators

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Electric Actuators can compete with hydrualic actuators
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In the past, hydraulic power has been the go-to answer for heavy lifting.  Hydraulics are rugged, relatively simple to deploy and provide a low cost per unit of force.
  Fast forward to today and Tolomatic RSX electromechanical actuators are extremely competitive with hydraulics in terms of flexibility, precision and reliability.

Below are 5 advantages of a high force electric linear motion system.

  1. Lower maintenance overhead
  2. Lower total cost of ownership
  3. Better process control
  4. More flexibility
  5. Reliability

Tolomatic High Force Applications:
Active Security Barrier Injection Molding Sawmill Equipment
Assembly Machinery Lumber Industry Stamping
Automatic Tool Changers Machine Tools Tension Control
Automotive Open/Close Doors Test Stands
Clamping Parts Clamping Tube Bending
Converting Piercing Volumetric Pumps
Cycle Testing Precision Grinders Wave Generation
Fillers Product Test Simulators Welding
Formers Pressing, Punching Wire Winding
Hydraulic Replacement Riveting/Fastening/Joining and Many More

Tolomatic Electric Linear Actuators Take on Hydraulics

As technology improves, things that were not possible even 10-15 years ago are now possible.  For a long time, electromechanical actuators were not able to create the same high forces that hydraulic actuators can produce.  Now, Tolomatic electromechanical actuators can push upwards of 50,000 pounds of force making them a viable replacement for hydraulic systems. 
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