Corner Bowl Server Manager built with .Net Framework 4.7.2 Released

Create: 2023-07-24
Update: 2023-07-24
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Server Manager 2023 Built on .Net 4.7.2 Released!

Hello! As usual We've been very busy adding customer driven features. In an effort to provide the latest features for our customers that are not yet permitted to load software on production systems that utilize .Net 7, we have added back support for the .Net Framework 4.7.2. You can find our new .Net Framework 4.7.2 builds in the middle of our downloads page here:

Download Server Manager 2023 compiled with .Net Framework 4.7.2

In Case You Missed it...

We have several customers reach out and ask for a native Linux Agent to run on both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu. Since we had already tested the baseline code base on Androids and iPhones, adding Linux support was straight forward. You can now download and consolidate Linux Audit Logs directly over our TLS 1.2 TCP Application Layer protocol running on port 21843. Our Text Log Monitor Template also runs on our Linux Agent enabling you to filter entries directly on your Linux Servers then when a critical entry is encountered, send just that entry to the Management Server for notification.

Next, on the chopping block is agent-based Linux Audit Log File Backup Templates. This feature will allow users of the Linux Agent to backup, compress and password protect raw audit log files using FIPS compliant AES256 encryption without requiring an SSH or SFTP connection.

For more information see our Linux Agent documentation: Agent-Based Management

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The reports of the audits are very straight to the point. The software unlike SPLUNK is extremely easy to setup and manage, which cuts time down while running audits.
Shane B.
System Security Officer US Government
Customer support is super. Very responsive always extra information.
Charles C.
Criminal Justice Systems Specialist
I really like the consolidated reports that show me network logon problems, disk space and consolidated event logs. They allow me to get out in front on problems before they become disasters.
Timothy H.
Information Technology Director

Best regards,
Mike Janulaitis | Founder | Corner Bowl Software