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J.REID G... also commented on J.REID GOTTI-(KING-OF-QUESTIONS)'s Feed item...

J.REID GOTTI-(KING-OF-QUESTIONS) In all honesty, Yes, I get this is a health situation but we cannot forget about the economic part of this as well. This is more than 'well, they should have prepared better' or 'health over profits'. Let me give you a reality check. Yes, we have moratoriums on everything but those tabs are still running. The utility companies will still want their money. The landlords/mortgage companies will still want their money. The grocery store only accepts cash/debit/charge/food stamps, We have many families who are already struggling and this is going to make some of them hit the breaking point. This is why many elected officials are trying to balance this thing out. Also, if you are getting paid to sit at home during this time, please check yourselves and think about some of our neighbors who are frightened right now about their future. #JREIDGOTTI

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J.REID G... yep, true good point.

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