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Dear Nicolas Lutz (Gas Legion),


We are pleased to tell you that the FreePBX virtual server you ordered has now been set up and is operational.

Billing Hostname: vps1485101545.freepbxhosting.net

FreePBX Control Panel Access

It will take 10 - 15 minutes after your VPS is provisioned before FreePBX is fully installed. Once it is done installing you can reach the FreePBX control panel via the link above. Please log into your FreePBX control panel as soon as possible to set your administrative password.

Free Module Installation
A free copy of System Admin Pro and End Point Manager are included with your FreePBXHosting.com account. To activate these modules please follow the directions in this blog post:


Firewall Setup
After you finish the FreePBX Getting Started wizard, you'll want to configure the firewall.  We've put a blog post together with our recommend settings:


FreePBX Hosting Setup & Configuration Guide
Here are the basic steps to get your PBX configured. We suggest reading through the whole guide before you start configuring your PBX:


SSH Server Access
Server IP:

Root Password: G3J7cj19wWQO2Qmko9 (We highly suggest you change this)

You can access your server using a free simple SSH client program called Putty located at: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html

VNC Server Access
Port: 5993
Password: qwe123

You can access your server using a free VNC client program called TightVNC located at: http://www.tightvnc.com

VPS Control Panel Access
URL: https://secure.freepbxhosting.com
Username: vmuser18371
Password: qwe123 (If you already have access to the control panel please use your existing password)

Need SIP Trunks?
If you are tired of searching for a SIP Trunk provider you can stop searching. Simply install the sipstation module to auto configure your services that you have purchased from SIPstation.com. The module also provides the ability to connect to our redundant gateways, provide realtime diagnostics on both server side and client side status, and a central dashboard and control point to easily configure your service into existing outbound routes as well as setup your DIDs and outbound CIDs, all in one central location.

Visit http://www.sipstation.com/ and sign up today!

Need a Backup Solution for your PBX?
Your phone system is a critical part of your business. Do you have backups in case you have a problem? Automate the backup process with our FTP Hosting solution. Never worry about your PBX backups again. Sign up today for our FreePBX FTP Hosting service today!


Use Promo Code: FreePBXFTP2015 (1st Month Free)

Support Options
For questions regarding FreePBX configuration options, SIP trunks, calling routing, modules and general PBX setup options please visit http://www.schmoozecom.com/oss-signup.php to open a support ticket.

For networking, VPS & Dedicated server issues, bandwidth, billing and hosting package questions please email support@freepbxhosting.com or visit https://secure.cyberlynk.net to open a support ticket.

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