Herculist Contest Update Tommy!

Create: 2018-06-14
Update: 2018-06-15
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Hello Tommy! NEW Herculist Contest Update: 1st Place: member georgekosch with 282 points= $300 bonus to winner 2nd Place: member charlesholmes with 159 points = $200 bonus to winner 3rd Place: member benscott with 134 points = $100 bonus to winner 4th Place: member futurestar with 111 points = $50 bonus to winner 5th Place: member estefan with 100 points = FREE $39.95 Mega-Mail package to winner 6th Place: member dmjmarketing 88 points 7th Place: member belucky with 75 points 8th Place: member carolsilverfox with 69 points 9th Place: member m4r13 with 64 points 10th Place: member drwd, leifs with 62 points 11th Place: member jeffe with 61 points 12th Place: member homebiz77, tadkoteddy44 with 60 points crohrer04 with 56 points philba with 54 points 13th Place: member sykaro with 47 points 14th Place: member nocashwealth, rondn with 46 points 15th Place: member gowda, hop1047, Janetk, lifetime, rcuevas300 with 45 points 16th Place: member BestEasyWork with 44 points 17th Place: member billwynne with 38 points edkeyte with 56 points bcut32, blast4free with 24 points 15th Place: member mlnielsen with 20 points 17th Place: member cashflowwonder, jasond188, randerson, weberg69, zidane with 16 points klausius with 17 points 18th Place: member 1alphadog, winadv with 15 points profitonlinesuccess with 11 points bulklime, titish with 10 points BridgetoFinancialFreedom, lucillef with 9 points 15th Place: member traxweb with 8 points rhawk12 with 6 points 16th Place: member earnmoneyph, girlwork with 5 points 17th Place: member eqsecrets2010, teamkay with 4 points bluediamondreport, bosslady2017, efirms, imblog101, impalaimpala, Nikolaosgr, websbest, webstars with 3 points 18th Place: member add2it, beadle, blogadr, eagleslady, edward7, juliannah, Maria74, nuforutoday, paychecksllc, philba, ProBizInfo, randygt, silva61 with 2 points 19th Place: member 1ClickTraffic, 247profits, alanholmes, azursocial, beebsie, brenton, coachben, Collinsbolt, Contacts, dattiboy, eagleslady, ezbizpros, geomc57, gg4000, ghcamry, grandtour, hitsite2u, hossklara, jugman, just4u, ladyd7770, lmturner, martin104, MaureenCharlton, microcap, mkyle, moneynthebank, montoss, Moongal721, mrl77, msliz, mula, ngrimshawe, niceincome4u, onlinebusiness4u2, onlinedetective, poolplayer26, Phildarst, pratbirdman, puffafish111, ritajoe, shegrot, srvyvays, stingray, Successmajor, tony8362, TopCat, toplevel, trafficreturn, TraffTacts, twsafelist1, WBuilder, wiggie1226, wmlme, workathome481, workingdays, zbrandia, zviackerman with 1 points NEW CONTEST details: Here are the new contest details Tommy: The member who earns the most points from referring new Herculist members AND selling Smart-list/Herculist solo ad and Mega-Mail packages from 12:30 pm Central Time, May 13 through June 20th will receive a $300 bonus! 2nd place will receive a $200 bonus, 3rd place will receive a $100 bonus, and 4th place will receive a $50 bonus, and 5th place will receive a free $39.95 Mega-Mail package! Here is a recap of the point system: Each new free member = 1 point Each new Pro and Gold member = Points earned equal the dollar value of the membership purchased: Pro member paying $9.95 = 10 points Gold member paying $14.95 = 15 points Gold member paying $89.95 = 90 points, etc. *Upgraded members count only if they had joined Herculist after the start of the contest. Solo ad packages sold = Dollar amount of package (raised to the nearest whole dollar) is the number of points earned If there is a tie in the 1-5 positions, the contest will continue until the tie is broken for that position. New members joining at any level will count! Upgrades by free members who joined during the contest will also count. (NOTE: Members may not signup new accounts under themselves or use any kind of auto signup process. Members caught doing this will be eliminated from the contest. ONLY legitimate new members will count. We track IP's so will know if multiple accounts are setup at the same location. Solo ad packages purchased by contestants will not be included.) To get involved in this contest simply promote your Herculist site AND your Smart-list/Herculist solo ad package sites: Your Herculist affiliate page: http://www.herculist.com/members/index.cgi?Tommywills Your Smart-list/Herculist solo ad package sales page: http://www.herculist.com/members/smartsolos.cgi?Tommywills Solo ad packages here range from $5.95-$199.95, with databases from 13,200 - 81,500! Your MEGA-MAIL sales page: http://www.herculist.com/members/Megaform.cgi?Tommywills MEGA-MAIL packages range from $39.95-$299.95 with a database of over 81,500 CONTACT e-mail addresses! Good Luck and let me know if you have any questions! John Gloeckner ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To be removed from Herculist, please login and click the "Unsubscribe" button: http://www.herculist.com/members/index.cgi?Tommywills Username = Tommywills Password = Ashwin_9494

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