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Hi, Big news: As of today, you now have access to a new Leadpages sub-account. What can you do with your new Leadpages sub-account? For starters, you can now: - Create Unlimited Landing Pages: You can build as many high-converting landing pages as you like with our fully customizable, mobile-responsive templates. (It takes just 5 minutes to set up your first landing page.) - Grow Your List with Unlimited Leadboxes: You can let people opt-in for your email list from your blog posts, sidebar banners, exit pop-ups, and more with our pop-up opt-in forms, known as Leadboxes. - Run Unlimited Split Tests: You can run A/B split tests on both your landing pages and Leadboxes to help boost your conversions. With split testing, you can find out which landing pages, headlines, and images are most effective with your audience. - Collect Leads with SMS Text Messaging with Leaddigits: With Leaddigits, anyone can join your email list, register for your webinar, or even opt in to receive your lead magnet -- all with a single text conversation. - Ask Our Leadpages Support Team Any Questions: We have an entire team of highly trained Technical Support Specialists standing by to help with any questions you have. "That's just the beginning. Read on for details about how to check out your new sub-account now. ===================================== IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE YOU START ===================================== Important: Your new sub-account is tied to a Leadpages master account. This means you can keep this Leadpages sub-account for as long as the keeper of this master account maintains their Leadpages membership. Whether or not this master account belongs to you, please note that should the master account-holder cancel their Leadpages membership, your sub-account will also be cancelled. Thanks for choosing Leadpages! ===================================== GETTING STARTED ===================================== Please keep this email. It contains the information that you'll need to access Leadpages. We have a really helpful "Getting Started" video that we encourage you to watch. It will show you how to create your first Leadpage in just a few minutes, so check it out here: To get started, go here to log in: URL: Username: Password: 8-JTe;]Pzl>>"#_6\)Vj4; ===================================== NEED HELP? ===================================== Need help with anything? We've got your back! Don't hit reply to this email, though. Instead, head over here to get help from our fantastic support team: They'll help you right out. Enjoy your new sub-account! To higher conversions, The Leadpages Team P.S. To get started: We recommend all new Leadpages members attend our live customer-only training. You can go here to register for this live training right now:

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