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November 11, 2019

Ref: DG0000157


First Name : Tim

Last Name : Tom

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Desired Completion Date
Choose a Desired Completion DateNot Sure/Flexible
Bus Type
Flat Front - Front Engine
Front Engine Bus Length
35 Feet FE
Roof Raise/High Top
No, my bus is standard height
Floor Plans
Aspen Lodge Floor Plan$44,600.00
Design Options
The Skoolie Design
Upper Kitchen Cabinets
Upper Kitchen Cabinets Option$565.00
Propane Appliance Package
Propane Package 1$4,597.00
Solar Package
Mid-Point Solar$7,200.00
Upgrade Options
Rear Deck$2,800.00
Service Options
Diesel Engine Tune-Up$450.00
New Tires$3,500.00
Projected Estimate is Ready
First NameTim
Last NameTom
9.5% tax$6,252.14
Enter your
I want to speak with a project manager about my estimate.Yes
Total :$72,064.14

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