Get a jump on end-user computing in 2023

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EUC World Tour


Register for the Nutanix EUC World Tour on March 1, where we’ll show you how Nutanix and Citrix can get your end-user computing efforts on the fast track.

Your VDI needs to be as fast, agile and flexible as it was when you first deployed it. But over time it can grow rigid, hard to scale and end up giving employees a less than stellar experience. Our subject-matter experts will show you how to get that flexibility and scalability back by running Citrix on Nutanix.

We’ll also whisk you away to visit the Utah Olympic Park bobsled track from the comfort of your workplace.

Join this special 60-minute live experience to:

  • Accelerate and simplify EUC with a scalable and flexible technology foundation.
  • Get first-hand experience from our customer’s unique EUC strategy.
  • Take in a mind-blowing virtual bobsled run at the Utah Olympic Park.

And if you feel the need for speed – the first 300 people to register and attend our EUC World Tour Bobsled event will be entered for a chance to win one of 150 super-fast RC cars! Now that’s cool!

Get flexible, scalable EUC with Citrix on Nutanix.

Register now for this is a can’t-miss opportunity.

Register now