Futureproof your security program with zero trust

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Developer Events

Zero Trust webinar series shows you how to stay ahead of the security curve

The Zero Trust security model assumes every user or device is compromised until verified through a practice called continuous authentication. As a developer, it is essential for you to understand zero trust practices as you and your teammates build futureproof security programs.

Explore how to secure your applications and data for tomorrow's threat landscape

Register for the upcoming webinar series now to secure your spot. You’ll learn firsthand from cyber security experts about a range of zero trust topics, from foundational knowledge to advanced practices.

Browse upcoming topics here or check out the topics below.

March 23rd at 10:00am PST

Achieving Zero Trust: How SSO and MFA Can Help Protect You From Identity Threats hosted by identity expert Joe Duggan of the Cisco Duo team.

April 20th at 10‎:00am PST

Maximizing Efficiency and Security with Zero Trust Continuous Monitoring and Automation, hosted by cybersecurity expert Oxana Sannikova.

Foundational session: Now available on demand!

Explore why it’s important to evaluate and update your approach to cybersecurity at the first webinar in the series, “The Fundamentals of Zero Trust for Developers: How to Automate and Evolve Your Security Operations,” hosted by cybersecurity expert Brennan Bouchard.

Watch the replay of this webinar >

Join the Meraki and DevRel team for Cisco March #MerakiMagic!

This five-part webinar series highlights multiple topics including how developers can integrate with the Meraki platform, leveraging APIs for multiple use cases, and exploring solutions already available. View and register for the 5-part webinar series.

March 8th at 10:00am PST,

Monitoring at Scale with Meraki APIs, hosted by Meraki Technical Marketing Engineer Shweta Palande. Learn how to transform your network monitoring by leveraging the power of APIs. This session will cover the different possibilities to combine your favorite visualization tools with Meraki APIs, and some best practices to efficiently consume them. Register now.

Developer News

Introducing Panoptica: App, API, and Serverless Functions Security

Panoptica is a Cisco solution that simplifies cloud-native application security for DevSecOps, Platform, and DevOps teams. Watch this video to explore Panoptica with Tim Miller, PhD. You’ll find out how to secure your containers, APIs, and serverless functions, and manage software bills of materials the easy way. Panoptica was delivered by Cisco's ET&I (Emerging Technologies, & Incubation) organization to address the needs of SRE's and DevOps teams everywhere.

Explore the Many Flavors of DevOps

NetDevOps, DevSecOps, CloudOps, DataOps, NoOps... What does it all mean? Gain a better understanding of the many DevOps job roles by reading this blog post. Cisco Developer community lead, Paul Zimmerman looks at the responsibilities and different directions the roles are taking across the software technology spectrum. Read Paul’s blog.

Get started with Full Stack Observability

Watch these Cisco Live Europe sessions to start exploring how to enhance application performance, optimize resources, and strengthen application security at all levels of your technology stack.

  • Full-Stack Observability: The HOW!
  • Empower a new observability ecosystem with Cisco FSO Platform and AppDynamics Cloud
  • What is Full-Stack Observability (FSO) and How It Can Help You

Access on-demand Cisco Developer resources from Cisco Live Europe 2023 for free

We curated over 200 event sessions that support software developers and network engineers like you to effectively use Cisco technologies and solutions, solve challenges, and meet professional goals. Topics included:

  • How to deliver high-quality APIs
  • Cisco IOS XE Automation

Dig in today:

  • Catch up quickly: View daily recap videos here.
  • Watch a session recording: Browse all topics here or pick a topic-specific lighting talk here.
  • Tap into attendee experience: Read Ray Stephenson’s blog post covering how attendees moved beyond their core networking expertise by learning how to use Python, containers, and Git to create and manage automation.
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