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How to Leverage On-Demand Private Cloud to Help Your Business Save Money + Do More


Discover the benefits of on-demand private cloud, a service that combines the advantages of both public and private cloud environments.


This video dives into the cost considerations and target workloads that can empower Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and other technical leaders to harness the potential of private cloud as-a-service for effective cloud cost management.

    On-Demand Private Cloud for CTOs
    Breaking the Mega Cloud Chains eBook cover

    Is It Possible to Pay Less But Get More?


    Not in many areas in life, but when it comes to cloud services - yes!


    In this guide, we discuss various modern cloud options including private, open source, and on-demand cloud.


    Find out how you can break free from the mega-corps and reclaim your revenue, all while paying less for your cloud infrastructure.

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    Customer Success: Convesio


    Tom Fanelli, CEO and Co-Founder of Convesio, shares his personal experience of working with OpenMetal in this video clip. Learn his thoughts on the service, the support, and the collaboration they have had, as well as recommendations for others seeking a cloud provider.

      OpenMetal Customer Success: Convesio - Chapter 5 (The Experience & Benefits)

      Convesio, a self-healing, autoscaling platform-as-a-service for creating and managing WordPress websites set out to find a cloud provider that they could work closer with to help them continue to revolutionize and grow their platform.

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      Featured Article - Proxmox vs OpenStack: Comparing Open Source Cloud Software


      High, unpredictable cloud bills are leading more organizations to search for more cost effective infrastructure solutions. To stay ahead of the competition without hemorrhaging capital, organizations need efficient, scalable, and cost-effective cloud solutions.

      Proxmox and OpenStack are both open source solutions for cloud infrastructure management. While they are both powerful tools for managing virtualized environments, they have distinct features and use cases that set them apart. In this blog, we’ll explore what Proxmox and OpenStack are, with a high-level comparison to help you decide which solution is best for your organization’s needs.

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