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Greetings from PenPal World, Thank you for creating an PenPal World account. To complete the registration process, you are required to verify your e-mail address. We do not allow new members to log into their new account until their e-mail address has been verified. Verifying your e-mail address also allows us to safely communicate important information about your account, such as new features and policy updates. To confirm your e-mail address, choose one of the following options: -- Click this link: http://www.penpalworld.com/s.asp?pcc=GAHMEB27L4 -- Copy and paste this URL into your browser's address bar: http://www.penpalworld.com/s.asp?pcc=GAHMEB27L4 -- Enter your 10-digit code on the PenPal World web site using the following procedure. 1. Go to this PenPal World page http://www.penpalworld.com/s.asp 2. Enter your 10-digit code which is GAHMEB27L4 3. Click the green 'Verify your e-mail address' button Thank you for using PenPal World. Regards, Jakob H.Herrmann Founder and Webmaster Please do not reply to this e-mail. This mailbox is not monitored, nobody looks at it and you will not receive a response. For assistance, go to http://www.penpalworld.com/support.asp. Adding an profile to PenPal World has been configured to require confirmation of all membership requests to make sure that this request was actually sent by you (rather than by someone who spoofed your e-mail address). If you do NOT wish to become a member, simply discard this message and no action will be taken. If you take no action this will be the 3rd last e-mail you'll receive from PenPal World. This request was made from

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