Tom Nook ???? Tweeted: baby kk slider is the cutest thing i have ever ...

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Tom Nook 🅨
baby kk slider is the cutest thing i have ever seen @kwrnel
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I know I'm a little late but THANK YOU FOR 100 FOLLOWERS ON TWITCH OMG. A dream is seeming more like a reality every day. Thanks for supporting little ol' me. 💗
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Surgeon Simulator 2
us: the game is ready, wow, let's ship it! It's complete

the game:
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Eva ''Girlfriend Day Girlfriend''
At this point if a girl is good at posting I assume she's trans
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♡ 𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖆𝖍 ♡
characters who are a little ugly out of context but who are very sexy in context hmmm
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why do y’all put professional players on pedestals? or streamers? theyre just people, and frankly people you don’t really know lmao.
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