The \"Dark Side\" of Strategy... (+ 29 Hours Left re: IA Enneagram Program!)

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Hi Max,

I love me some good strategy.

Almost as much as cake, if not more, to be perfectly honest.

On the StrengthsFinder, Strategy is actually my #1 strength!

That said, being strategic is not ALWAYS helpful/fun.

It has a "dark side"...

The dark side is when we are USING strategy to OBTAIN something we feel that we DO NOT HAVE... something that we actually do have, but must access in a different way than strategy usage.


For example...

  • Enneagram Type 2's (and Type 4's who disintegrate to 2 when unhealthy): Strategizing to earn love from other people, instead of freely loving ourselves and then just relating with others openly and easily, which is in 2's nature.
  • Enneagram Type 4's (and Type 1's who disintegrate to 4 when unhealthy): Strategizing to be/feel special and unique by analyzing our feelings, usually the negative ones, instead of creatively expressing from the heart, which is in 4's nature.
  • Enneagram Type 5's (and Type 8's who disintegrate to 5 when unhealthy): Strategizing to understand every facet of something before engaging with it, even though the only way to really feel that secure understanding is by LIVING and actively processing information, refining theories in the real world, which is in 5's nature.


Not using strategies any longer can be a mind-bender...

Because how do you strategize a way to let go of strategy and just access that deeper love, specialness, and security that you are seeking?

Well, you cannot strategize your way to un-strategy.

It's like what I mentioned in my blog post on the normal fights in a video game versus the boss fight.

The boss fight must be approached on a whole different level for you to be successful, because if you approach it the same way you did the previous fights, you will not win.

It takes a different mindset, an elevated perspective, to be free of ineffective strategies so you can come out victorious.


This is EXACTLY what I will cover for you in-depth within my IA Enneagram Program.

This is the ONLY way for you to learn this information.

How do I know that?

Because I created it!

It’s not anywhere else. I synthesized it based on my work with you guys over the years, other models I’ve worked with, and my own private insights.


Also, while this is a full and complete program, there is so much more coming afterwards for everyone who joins.

I'm developing an entire assessment and so many additional tools, which will be at a much higher investment.

This is your ONLY CHANCE to get all that's there in the full program PLUS what is coming, at just $1,800 for lifetime access to all the current material PLUS new material (or $3,800 for 1:1 coaching with me).

You are getting a whole future of material I'm building when you join the Enneagram Program.

I'll pass those additional materials to you as soon as they're ready, and in the meantime, you'll get EVERYTHING on the program page:

All the info on the current program is here, and this opportunity expires in 29 hours.

As I shared with you earlier today, you never know who will be that great match until you really get in there, explore, introspect, and take little risks, little steps towards the unknown...

The least expected may be that exact fulfilling thing you were always hoping for way deep down.

How wonderful would that feel... and to BECOME the man who achieves that, who achieves his full potential, due to a deep and nuanced understanding of his own inner workings and his path to his unique highest self.

Your ticket to that is exactly here.


P.S. Because this is such a tremendous game-changer, there is no excuse to let this opportunity pass without fully considering it! I'm happy to talk it through with you. You can book your call with me here.

On the phone, I'll get to know you, we'll talk through the program, and together we'll see whether it's truly the right fit for YOU. On this page, you can get all the details and join; or you can book your exploration call in my calendar.

Book your call tonight so you don't miss the deadline. I'm excited to talk with you soon! :)

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