Growing your ENTP “Accuracy” is important for these 3 reasons

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Hi Sdas,

When you as an ENTP develop the skill of “Accuracy” you learn three things:   

1) Accuracy is high leverage for ENTPs, and it is the gift they bring to the world.

2) It is easy to get in the habit of looking for approval from other people, but ENTPs will feel better about themselves and the world in general if they approach every relationship with radical honesty.     

3) Radical honesty begins "at home." If an ENTP isn't being honest with themselves, cognitive dissonance will eventually force them to look at the facts.   

If your greatest challenge as an ENTP is determining when to use radical honesty, we highly recommend checking out an article Antonia wrote that goes into more details about your copilot process.
Read the full article "Becoming a Better ENTP." Ask yourself: "When I have used radical honesty in the past, what was my motivation? In which instances do I feel good after using radical honesty? And which instances do I wish I hadn't used it? What pattern do I see?"   

In your journal, commit to yourself that you will spend time every day using some form of radical honesty on yourself. Keep track of how your inner wisdom communicates its dissatisfaction when you tell an untruth, to yourself or others.
Extra credit: Share your insights with other ENTPs in the comments section of the article!

Talk with you in a couple of days,   


Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge
Owners | Personality Hacker 

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