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Hi Sdas,

It’s time to get to know the most complex and influential person in your world… YOU. 

We recorded a podcast episode specifically for you as an ENTP.

It’s called “ENTP Personality Type Advice.”

It has become one of our most popular podcasts to date, downloaded thousands of times.   

==>> Listen to the ENTP podcast here and share your thoughts. 

Here are real listener comments under the podcast:  

This podcast was full of good stuff, good job!” 
- Rachel    

Very good content.
- Veronique   

“Your website is the BOMB!... Thank you!
- Julie    

Listen to the podcast. Find a journal and answer this question: "How am I going to be kinder to myself now that I know WHY I am the way I am?"
List at least three ways you're going to implement into your day-to-day life what you've learned in the podcast. This can include how you talk to yourself, how you're going to share your increased self-understanding with loved ones, or simply how you're going to show yourself more patience.  

==>> Listen to the ENTP podcast here and share your thoughts. 

In our next email, we want to show you a video that will detail how your mind is wired as an ENTP.

The subject line will read: “ENTP Mind Wiring Video.”

Talk with you in a couple of days,   

Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge
Owners | Personality Hacker 

PS - We created a podcast just for you as an ENTP. Listen to the ENTP podcast here and share your thoughts.

PPS - Of course we think our ENTP podcast rocks - but don’t take our word for it… here are some comments from ENTPs who have listened (you can read these for yourself under the actual episode):  

“Excellent podcast, guys!”
“Antonia... you’re totally hitting the nail on the head. I’ve had doubts about whether I am an ENTP (sometimes I really feel like an INTP), but I agree it’s as though so much of life feels like a game, or a joke, or a riddle. It struck me as contradictory that sometimes I don’t mind menial activities or being organised, but then again at those times I was either playing a game of optimising, or racing the clock, or I was daydreaming about something else at the same time.”  
- Jon   

“I love what you said...”
“Thanks Antonia (and of course Joel) for this incredibly accurate and most importantly inspiring podcast! An ENTP here who has been trying very hard for a few years now to overcome a big feeling of social exclusion (what you call unmet need for connectivity and search for approval): this idea of radical honesty as an enabler of fewer but deeper connections really helps. Can’t wait to listen to all the other podcasts now!”
- Med  

“Thank you...”
“Thank you for making me understand that what I yearn for is a deeper connection. I have a handful of people that I truly consider friends. And having only a handful is okay.”


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