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Create: 2023-08-17
Update: 2023-08-17
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LocalStack Insiders

Announcing LocalStack Insiders to help us shape the future of LocalStack!

We are launching the LocalStack Insiders program, and for the initial installment, we are seeking users of all levels of experience who are utilizing LocalStack for non-commercial purposes (i.e., for individual use). We are currently working on making LocalStack even more accessible and aim to bring it to a wider audience. To express our appreciation for your participation, we are excited to offer the full power of LocalStack free for non-commercial use to our Insiders! Sign up now to be among the first on the waiting list. We are eagerly looking forward to welcoming the first users to the Insiders Program in the upcoming weeks!

LocalStack 2.2.0

LocalStack 2.2.0 is out!

LocalStack 2.2.0 is out live! With heaps of new AWS features like Glue 4.0 support, S3 Lifecycle Expiration, and Opensearch/Elasticsearch resources, enhanced parity across all services, and much more. We have released an all-new LocalStack CLI experience with binary builds, auto-completion, Homebrew support, and UX improvements. Check out the full details in the release notes!


📢 Register for our next Community Event on Amplify & Testcontainers!

In our last meetup, we discussed about developing & testing Lambda functions and IAM configurations locally. In this community event, we will explore further technologies that you can leverage alongside LocalStack for a smooth cloud development & testing experience. This community event will feature two talks on (1) getting started with Amplify on LocalStack for a fully-local application development experience, and (2) leveraging Testcontainers with LocalStack to write integration tests for your cloud applications. During the event, we will dive deep into the integrations that leverage LocalStack's cloud emulation capabilities to help you succeed in your day-to-day cloud application development.


🇦🇹 Join us for our in-person Cloud DevXchange meetup in Vienna

We are organizing our next in-person meetup in Vienna (Austria) in collaboration with Labyrinth Labs to discuss Future-Ready Cloud Platforms & Rapid Cloud App Dev+Test Loops. Join us to explore the dynamic world of cloud technology and learn the art of architecting future-ready, cloud-native platforms. Engage in hands-on exercises, and discussions with experts to uncover the DOs and DONTs of cloud platform design. Discover the power of LocalStack as we explain real-world scenarios for rapid AWS development and integration testing. 

LocalStack Vs Code Extension

Introducing LocalStack VS Code Extension: Deploy & invoke Python Lambdas through SAM or CloudFormation!

We have released a preview of our brand-new LocalStack VSCode Extension! It supports deploying and invoking Python Lambda functions through AWS SAM or AWS CloudFormation. You can check out the Extension in action in the live demonstration we did last month as part of our community event. Get started with our preview and share your thoughts & ideas about the Extension!