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Dear Sir,
Namaskar & Jai Hin!!!
Thanks for the inquiry. We can help you with various types of Sirens / Hooters / Buzzers / Bells.
  • Electric Sirens ⚡
  • Electronic Sirens 🔊
  • Voice based Announciators
  • Hand operated Sirens 🖐
  • Advanced Siren Controllers as per OISD Safety Standards ⚠
  • Automatic Timer based siren for lunch and Tea Breaks ⏳
  • Warning Lights 🚨
  • Electronic Buzzers 
We also have Automatic Timer Driven Sirens, which can ring as per pre defined schedules also know as Automatic Factory Sirens or Shift Change Sirens.

Perfect Make Sirens.jpg
Request you to please share specification
  • Siren/Buzzer Application: 
  • Available Supply Voltage: (220V Ac or 440V AC)
  • Desired Audible Range in Meters: (500 Mtrs / 1 Kms / 2 Kms etc)
  • Quantity Required: 
So we can quote accordingly.

Thanks & Regards,

Manish Kataria


Contact Nos:


Perfect Corporation

MSB-II B, 105 New Siyaganj, Indore-03 M.P. INDIA

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