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Inman News
A little FUD is healthy; it’s when it becomes all-consuming that you have a problem.
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NAR Research
Existing-home sales fell 17.8% last month compared to March, marking a two-month decline in sales, the National Association of REALTORS® reported Thursday. via @realtormag #NAREHS
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Venice 311
Well- if you were wondering how SCE removes bird nests from power lines out in the Angeles National Forest - this is how.... #crazy
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Our Santa Monica
Santa Monica Weather Report:

Perfect day for a walk on the beach

with a mandatory face-covering.


#MyDayInLA #ILoveLA #SaturdayMotivation
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Chad Scherrer
Topology prof once told me of a copy editor changing good his sentence "The Five Lemma completes the proof" to "The five lemmas complete the proof"…
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Marianne Williamson
1/ When I talked on the debate stage about “dark psychic forces,” it’s not just that I wasn’t crazy. I wasn’t wrong. The pathological energies roiling underneath the surface of the Trump phenomenon haven’t even begun to show their full force yet.
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