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Someone wants to meet you on Mingle2!

29 new people have said that they are interested in meeting you through Mutual Match, but you have not rated them yet.

To see if you are a Mutual Match, go to https://mingle2.com/mutual_match/find_matches and start rating your matches. If you say "Yes" or "Maybe" to one of the people who is interested in you, we'll connect the two of you together.

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So don't wait! Start rating your latest matches and see if you have a Mutual Match.

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About Mutual Match

Mutual Match is a simple and fun way to meet people who are interested in meeting you! Here's how it works:

  1. We show you people, one at a time, who match your search preferences.
  2. For each person, you select Yes, No, or Maybe when asked if you're interested in meeting them.
  3. Select "Yes" or "Maybe" and we'll show them your profile. If they indicate that they want to meet you, you have a Mutual Match!

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