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Netflix US
This moment is reason #2847492 why #NationalComingOutDay matters
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Netflix Is A Joke
Keanu Reeves gives the acting performance of his life trying to enjoy this Between Two Ferns interview
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New PlayStation games out next week: Explore the vast Outer Wilds
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spøøky banditø 🎃👽💀
Season 2 of @insatiable_ is so much more emotional, i literally cried so many times and i'm just at episode 5, I can relate in many ways to so many different persons and this what shows me that this show is an amazing show, It's funny, emotional and exciting. I love it 💛 (1/2)
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For #DayoftheGirl, we surprised students on the @TODAYshow this morning with VIP badges to be an #AmazonFutureEngineer for a day as well as gift cards and gear to help achieve their dreams. #DeliveringSmiles
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