The One Thing I Always Do for Back-To-School ????

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Hey marie,

Make life easier this semester! Once classes start, getting good grades is as easy as checking off the list!

Your Ultimate Back-to-School Checklist 

 Go Back to Go Forward 🚀

If your class is building off of one you've taken in the past, go back and review what you learned! Taking Calc? Make sure your Pre-Calc knowledge was not replaced with the newest tik tok dance over the summer. Find the textbook you used in your past classes on Numerade and start watching lessons to catch up!
Find Lessons Taught to Your Old Textbooks for Review Here! 📚
  Find a Friend 👯

Two heads are always better than one. Even if you're remote, check with your peers to see if you know anyone in your class! Having someone to study with and work on projects together will significantly improve your enjoyment of the class and help you learn. 

  Ask Around 🙋

While seeing if anyone you know is in your class, also check if anyone you know has taken the course already. If they have, ask what they wish they knew about the class and teacher before they started. You'll get some tips from someone whose already been through the challenges you're about to face.

  #GOALS 🙌

Write down what you want to accomplish in the class. This is not just some self-help guru advice. Taking the time to think of the goals you have and making them real by writing them down can actually keep you motivated and on task. Jot down what grade you hope for, what you'd like to learn, and anything else you hope to get out of the course.

  Get an Unfair Advantage with Numerade 🤓

Before you even step foot in class (or whatever the virtual equivalence is) you can already know everything you're going to be taught! Find the course you're taking on Numerade taught by a professor or Ph.D. and binge an entire semester's worth of lessons. This way once class starts you can refine what you already know, instead of learning the material for the first time. That is the key to turning a C or B into an A and an A into an A+.
📓Find Full-Length Lesson Videos for Your Future Courses Here! 📓


   Mary Grant
   Student Success Manager
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