Re: [ansible/ansible] Added nameAlias field (#67150)

Domain: IP info
MX-server: IP info
Size: 2723 Bytes
Create: 2020-02-15
Update: 2020-02-15
Score: 0
Safe: Yes

Outbound domains: |
Components Metadata

waiting_on: maintainer
changes_requested_by: null
needs_info: False
needs_revision: False
needs_rebase: False
merge_commits: []
too many files or commits: True
mergeable_state: clean
shippable_status: success
maintainer_shipits (module maintainers): 0
community_shipits (namespace maintainers): 0
ansible_shipits (core team members): 1
shipit_actors (maintainers or core team members): dagwieers
shipit_actors_other: aciguru
automerge: automerge shipit test failed

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