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Hi Alecpoqooalazjmzkajsjsis Morleyppoqalkmzkslpqpqjdurr,


During your free trial we hope you have fully explored Sofy and asked yourself the right questions to guide you in your decision to choose the right automated no-code solution.  


Be sure to ask the following questions before choosing your testing platform. Of course, Sofy does all this and more.  

  1. Does it understand user intent? 
  2. Does it provide you with the ability to debug and validate? 
  3. Does it eliminate redundancy? 
  4. Does it flexibly ingest data? 
  5. Does it provide a quick and easy way to determine whether a test is pass or fail? 
  6. Does it integrate with my CI/CD setup? 
  7. Does it allow my app to interact with external systems? 
  8. Is it usable by non-specialists? 
  9. Does it offer the ability to test with real devices? 
  10. Does the company behind the platform provide extensive support and documentation?

Ready to join the no-code revolution and harness the power of real devices? Start your subscription today. 


Hyder Ali 
VP, Product and Business Development 


P.S Need more minutes to explore Sofy? Schedule a time with me.