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Happy Accidents!

32 episodes are now 1 ticket off!
Event Period: until Apr. 4 (PDT)

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Free Comics

Growing Up with a Kiss

Genre: Girls

Artist: Nabiko

Ep. 1 to 3 FREE! until Apr. 11 (PDT)

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Now Available

The Game of Life: 18+ Edition!

Genre: Young Adults (Seinen)

Artist: mitsuki tayura

The Sex Game laid a curse upon me so that I would die if I cheated on anyone. Yet erotic temptations assault me one after another! Can I beak the game and lift the curse...?

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Now Available

We Know Nothing About Love

Genre: Young Adults (Seinen)

Artist: Ruiki Akiba

Publisher: Takeshobo

The cool, quiet girl and the airheaded playboy are in their first ever romance!? Welcome to a romcom about two high school students who are a bit slow to pick up on things and haven't ever had their first crush!! During the autumn of their first year of high school, Hayato Kuga is assigned to sit next to Yuki Amano. Miss Amano is basically silent at all times and never smiles. So, Mr. Kuga has to try this and that to get her attention thanks to the wall he senses coming from her. As this is ongoing, even Miss Amano, who found Mr. Kuga annoying at first, is starting to open up to him...!?

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Girls Discount

Love Leads to Ruin

Genre: Girls

Artist: Hiroe Izumi

1 ticket off! Ep. 2 to 8 until Apr. 5 (PDT)

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