Happy 2021 from Gitpod ✨ New year, new TOS

Create: 2021-01-09
Update: 2021-01-11
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Happy new year from Gitpod-land 🥂

We have some exciting news to share! After our open-source announcement, the native integration with GitLab, and the recently announced support for Root, Docker, and VS Code we are reaching another important milestone:

We established a new legal entity, Gitpod GmbH, that will solely focus on Gitpod. 🎉

As a result, we are updating our Terms Of Service, to which you have previously agreed.
Here is a quick summary of what has changed: 

  • Your Gitpod.io subscription will be serviced by Gitpod GmbH which will assume all rights and obligations under your existing contractual relationship with TypeFox GmbH.
  • Gitpod GmbH will be the new controller of your data and will process your data in the same way as it was described in the consent form you agreed to.
  • Minor additions to organize and clarify the Terms of Service. 

This doesn't really change much for you, but we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate this step and say: Thank you, for using Gitpod! 🥰

In case you do not agree to be serviced by Gitpod GmbH instead of TypeFox GmbH, please let us know by sending a message to sadtoseeyouleave@gitpod.io and we will delete your account within three days. If you do not let us know that you wish to delete your account within the next three weeks you will automatically be serviced by Gitpod GmbH and Gitpod GmbH will become the new controller of your data.

Have a great year!