My thoughts about lockdown..

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My thoughts about lockdown...

I'm only on day 3 but so far the sun has been shining and things aren't tooooo bad... but I realised a few things..

I'm Happier when I'm working

It's easy to do nothing under lockdown. But as soon as I start working I feel 100% better. Life has a purpose again.. even under lockdown. 


Running is a Joy - who knew?

Because exercise is virtually our only allowed reason to go outside - suddenly running is the highlight of my day... rather than the chore I felt I had to do before


I REALLY miss those who I can't see anymore

It teaches me to not take for granted our loved ones and friends.... and the ability to go out with them to pubs and restaurants etc



So the takeaway for you is, I hope, try some study - an hour a day, you'll feel loads better for doing it

Even if the exam doesn't happen, long spaced out learning (as long as consistent) works far better than short term study according to all research

So go for a little run, do a little study and make mental plans to meet friends and loved ones more regularly afterwards

Good luck and keep safe

Team aCOWtancy x



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