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Looking for the insider scoop? Run Team member Alexandra gets candid.

Looking for the insider scoop?

Run Team member Alexandra M. shares her experience in the program and the hardest part of running for her...

"Consistency is my biggest struggle. Just putting the shoes on and going out will always be the hardest thing for me.

I know it’s best for my health and I know I need to do it to get faster...but it’s still difficult with my demanding job.

Run Team helps me get out the door.

Knowing some people will miss me if I don’t post in the community and being curious about what they are up to helps me to stay more consistent.

It’s great to stay connected and see other people’s success stories and support each other when it’s not going well.

I love that the community is so global and I get to chat with people from all over the world.

Seeing what other people are doing, knowing we all have to deal with the same frustrations, and encouraging others to get past things really does help me internalize it for myself.

On top of that, Coach Greg’s answers are always so thoughtful.

He’s got such a great balance of being data-driven but also understanding people and psychology.

He’s such an amazing coach and to have access to his expertise at such a low cost is just mind-boggling."

– Run Team Member, Alexandra M.

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