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Hello id:huomovipho Thanks for registering with Hatena! To show our gratitude to you for registering with Hatena, we'd like to give you some Color Stars as a present. Color Star Types: Green Stars Star Presents: 3 stars Reason: Sign Up Click here to see items huomovipho has received http://www.hatena.com/huomovipho/item/received -What are Color Stars?- Hatena stars are a communication tool that you can use with Flipnote Hatena and other Hatena services to express your feelings to other users. In real life you could say 'I liked it!' or 'That's neat!', and on Hatena you can use stars to do this. When you are viewing a Flipnote just click on the 'Add Star' button to easily add stars to a flipnote or comment. You can also use stars in the same way on all of the Hatena services, and we hope you will enjoy using them as a new way to communicate with other users. 'Color Stars' are special types of Hatena Stars which are sold in the Color Star Shop. Today, we're happy to give id:huomovipho some free green stars as a gift from the Color Star Shop. You can use the color stars to give to your friends, and to let other people know about the people and things that you like on Hatena. For more information about color stars see: http://www.hatena.com/shop/star For information about how to use Hatena Stars see: http://s.hatena.com/help Hatena http://www.hatena.com To check your messages list or change your settings, please access the link below: http://m.hatena.ne.jp/ http://m.hatena.ne.jp/help

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