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Hey Lera,

You have a million things to finish up before the holidays. But being on break doesn’t mean studying stops—because prepping for the boards can’t wait.

That’s why we want to help you get the most out of every study session during the holidays with Flash Facts and Express Videos!

Previously only available as a part of Rx360+...

...you can now get these high-yield tools separately—and for a limited time, SAVE 40% at checkout!
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🥇 Flash Facts is the only flash card system on the market made by the team who brought you First Aid for the USMLE Step 1, PLUS:
  • Study with 15,000+ flash cards, including 3,500+ case-based cards
  • Easily create decks based on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Change the cards you see to reflect your edition of First Aid
  • Remember more of what you’ve learned with Study Stream’s advanced spaced repetition

🥇 Express Videos help you form a strong, lasting understanding of the material with 80+ hours of content, PLUS:
  • On-screen highlights, photos, multimedia clips, and active learning questions
  • Create playlists of videos to save for later
  • Audio, video, mnemonic devices, examples, diagrams, and more
  • Download the editable color workbook with 600+ images, diagrams, and multimedia clips
  • Each of the 1,300 videos feature students conversationally explaining a concept from First Aid, helping you learn faster

With these high-yield tools, you’ll join the hundreds of thousands of med students and IMGs who’ve trusted us to help them crush their exams and ace their boards

In fact, here’s what they’re saying...

Express Videos did an excellent job of helping me get through my first pass of First Aid...the enthusiasm of the presenters made the videos invaluable. They definitely helped my Step 1 journey—no doubt about it.”

“I have really enjoyed using Flash Facts...it’s not just a regurgitation of the facts..they’re presented in a way to learn, memorize, and master the concepts of First Aid...and Study Stream is the best utilization of spaced repetition I’ve seen.”

What will you say? Find out when you grab your high-yield tools for less:

Discount automatically applied at checkout

Now is your chance to transform study time into a high-yield learning experience and make the most of your holiday break.

Very merrily cheering you on...


👉 P.S. You only have two more days to grab your savings before this sale ends! Save 40% on Flash Facts and Express Videos and boost your study time today!

P.P.S. Rx360+ and Step 1 Qmax are on sale, too! SAVE 40% when you buy today!

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