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Post reply from /u/Hawkeyeop98 • reply

1 to 7 is based on physical appearance, the next 3 are for personality

Post reply from /u/umlaute • reply

Why is this always such a confusing concept?

We rate everything with numbers. Companies, products, places, experiences, food, customer service, places to live, kids in school, performance in general....

If someone/something gets a ranking that's close to the bottom of whatever scale you're using it's bad. And the closer it is to the top, the better it is. It's really easy to understand, no?

Post reply from /u/Starshooter19xx • reply

For me it's not spesific what adds to the score, but I usually date only between 6/7/8. 9 and 10 is hard to come by and frankly women that went into such a scale usually know this well themselves and seek those on the same level. I'm pretty average so that's defo a no-go.

Height boob size and all these are very irrelevant IMO. For me overall body proportion and face features matter most than just big boobs. As a matter of fact I find it hard to date any woman with big rack seriously because it can be hard to focus on other things about her.

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