Re: [NixOS/nixpkgs] Rust Application Migration to fetchCargoTarball Implementation (#79975)

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This introduced a bug in the legacy fetcher, as found by @Ma27 : previously, it had a step where it would explicitly run chmod -R +w on the vendor directory. I spot-checked ~20 out of the ~220 Rust applications and couldn't find one where this line did anything, and it's done by default in the newer fetcher's unpackFile hook, so I removed the line as a cleanup of "dead" code.

Unfortunately, some Rust applications will run a custom build hook in cargo that writes to the vendor directory; these packages will fail without one of the following two fixes:

  1. Upgrade to the new fetcher, which is now the default behavior unless the package opts-out. This is preferred since we want to do this anyways for all packages.

  2. Leave it broken on master and wait for the next staging -> master cycle that includes a systemic fix for the legacy cargo fetcher, at which point it will evaluate again. (See #80153)

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