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Thanks for trying out the Instruqt test drive 🎉.

Hello Alecnejfweeqwqewiweq,


Thanks for trying out the Instruqt test drive 🎉.


You can always go back to the test drive experience using this link. 


Instruqt helps software companies generate demand at scale and boost adoption with unique product experiences from the browser.


Also, here are some customers stories to help you get a good grasp on how people use Instruqt and why they're getting results 💎


Solo.io uses Instruqt for demand generation


HashiCorp uses Instruqt for pre-sales enablement


Puppet uses Instruqt for customer education


I hope you find these customer stories helpful! If you want to start a free trial, let’s have a conversation, and we’ll create an account for you.


Have a great day!

Katy Andreeva

Growth Marketer