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(You cannot reply to this message) Hello, The ad you entered violates the rules of Mudah. Click here to change the ad: Use the same e-mail as the last time: If you can't click on the link, copy and paste it in the web-browser address field. Reason: Your service ad was refused because you have selected the wrong category. To make it easier for users to find what they are looking for in, ads must be placed in the category that best describes the item. Please resubmit your ad in Services - For Sale category. --------------------------------------------------------------------- - When you have changed the ad it will be reviewed again and published when approved. Contact our customer service if you have any questions or if you want to read our rules: Your ad: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Region: Penang Name: Thajaly_31 Email: Phone number: 02523961731 Category: Furniture & Decoration, For sale Subject: Karpet Surau dan Masjid Siap Pemasangan 42CE Subcategory 1: Others Condition: New ROC/SSM No.: 02034531 Price: 5 RM Area: Seberang Jaya Description: Karpet Surau dan Masjid Siap Pemasangan 42CE ઈ Min Order 1000 Square Feet X RM5 = RM5K with Expert Surau Installation Team. Hanya RM5.00 SeKaki Persegi siap pasang !! HTK DECOR has been servicing the floor covering needs of mosque carpets (masjid-masjid & surau-surau) , services we provide include supply and installation, design and colour consultancy or specification advice & carpet testing. All of our staff has a minimum 15 years experience in the flooring industry. (A) ઈ Price: RM 5 Yours sincerely, --------------------------------------------------------------------- - Malaysia's Largest Marketplace Sdn Bhd (formerly known as 701Search Sdn Bhd) (782603-v)

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