[NixOS/nixpkgs] atlassian-cli: 9.1.0 -> 9.1.1 (#80150)

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Semi-automatic update generated by https://github.com/ryantm/nixpkgs-update tools. This update was made based on information from https://repology.org/metapackage/atlassian-cli/versions.

meta.description for atlassian-cli is: '"An integrated family of CLI’s for various Atlassian applications"'.

meta.homepage for atlassian-cli is: '"https://bobswift.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ACLI/overview"

Checks done (click to expand)
  • built on NixOS

  • The tests defined in passthru.tests, if any, passed

  • 0 of 0 passed binary check by having a zero exit code.

  • 0 of 0 passed binary check by having the new version present in output.

  • found 9.1.1 with grep in /nix/store/anvcwg2bcx4c9j8ya192wjwcn7qgzrwi-atlassian-cli-9.1.1

  • directory tree listing: https://gist.github.com/6328d29918d22cb6e4f77bf75ce5eb8a

  • du listing: https://gist.github.com/3e58499dd816ec33f8cf197fc2361823

Rebuild report (if merged into master) (click to expand)

3 total rebuild path(s)

1 package rebuild(s)

1 x86_64-linux rebuild(s)
1 i686-linux rebuild(s)
0 x86_64-darwin rebuild(s)
1 aarch64-linux rebuild(s)

First fifty rebuilds by attrpath

Instructions to test this update (click to expand)

Either download from Cachix:

nix-store -r /nix/store/anvcwg2bcx4c9j8ya192wjwcn7qgzrwi-atlassian-cli-9.1.1 \
  --option binary-caches 'https://cache.nixos.org/ https://r-ryantm.cachix.org/' \
  --option trusted-public-keys '

(r-ryantm's Cachix cache is only trusted for this store-path realization.)
For the Cachix download to work, your user must be in the trusted-users list or you can use sudo since root is effectively trusted.

Or, build yourself:

nix-build -A atlassian-cli https://github.com/r-ryantm/nixpkgs/archive/2a4402d51afc8a6f4e094cc68376845e871b8ca4.tar.gz

After you've downloaded or built it, look at the files and if there are any, run the binaries:

ls -la /nix/store/anvcwg2bcx4c9j8ya192wjwcn7qgzrwi-atlassian-cli-9.1.1
ls -la /nix/store/anvcwg2bcx4c9j8ya192wjwcn7qgzrwi-atlassian-cli-9.1.1/bin

cc @Twey for testing.

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Commit Summary

  • atlassian-cli: 9.1.0 -> 9.1.1

File Changes

  • M pkgs/applications/office/atlassian-cli/default.nix (4)

Patch Links:

  • https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/80150.patch
  • https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/80150.diff

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