[rs002.webhostbox.net] Account Suspended: keenpatch (keenpatch.xyz)

Create: 2020-02-15
Update: 2020-02-15
Score: 0
Safe: Yes

Outbound domains: cardguard.xyz |
Account Suspended
Domain: keenpatch.xyz
Username: keenpatch
Reason: No reason supplied.

“root” suspended the account.

You can manage account suspension in WHM’s Manage Account Suspension interface at: https://cardguard.xyz:2087/scripts2/suspendacctlist

This notice is the result of a request made by a computer with the IP address of “” through the “Suspend Account” service on the server while logged in as “root”.

A reverse DNS lookup on the remote IP address returned the host name “outbound-1.webhostbox.net”.

The remote computer’s location appears to be: United States (US).

The remote computer’s IP address is assigned to the provider: “PDR”

The system generated this notice on Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 12:48:31 AM UTC.

“Account Suspensions” notifications are currently configured to have an importance of “Disabled”. You can change the importance or disable this type of notification in WHM’s Contact Manager at: https://cardguard.xyz:2087/scripts2/editcontact?event=suspendacct

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