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Thanks for riding, Anni
We hope you enjoyed your ride this evening.
Total $14.59
We were unable to charge your card ending in •••• 1694. Please update your payment information
$7.19 Minimum $4.52
Base Fare $0.00
Time $2.52
Distance $0.15
Normal Fare $7.19
Surge x2.1 $7.91
Subtotal $15.10
State Sales Tax $1.16
NY Black Car Fund $0.33
Promotion -$2.00
Amount Charged  
•••• 1694
A temporary hold of $11.37 was placed on your payment method •••• 1694 at the start of the trip. This is not a charge and has or will be removed. It should disappear from your bank statement shortly. Learn More
Affiliated with NEUN-NY,LLC (B02870)
Dispatched by Neun (B02870)
To submit a complaint to the NYC TLC, please call 311.
You rode with Jeison
Has passed a multi-step safety screen
4.88 Rating
Jeison is known for:
Excellent Service
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License Plate: T723608C
FHV License Number: 5775054
Driver's TLC License Number: 5757503
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0.10 mi | 3 min
2329 Ryer Ave, The Bronx, NY
2304 Grand Concourse, The Bronx, NY
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