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I have a fun story for you.

Are you excited?

Of course you are. Everyone loves stories, because stories are amazing.
Have you ever heard anyone say, “Oh, no thanks; I don’t like excitement or adventure.” Except maybe a Jedi, because they crave not those things.
But you’re not a Jedi, are you? No. I didn’t think so. So you probably do crave adventure and excitement, and love the shit out of storytime.
So, anyway. Stop interrupting. I have a story I want to share with you.
Like many of my stories, this is a story about one of my clients. Why do I always share stories about my clients? Because pretty much the only things going on in my life are alcohol fueled writing, a rampantly experimental and wildly fulfilling sex life, and my job.

I’m not ready to share my writing yet, and the mere thought of my carnal activity is enough to send many of you into shock, so you’ve just gotta deal with awesome stories about incredible client transformations, OKAY?

Right. Where was I?
Oh. Yes. The story.
I want to do something a little bit different today.
Most of the time, when I share these stories, I serve as your humble narrator. I give you my perspective on the tale, and tell it from my experience as a coach.
Which is not without value. But there is greater value to be had, on occasion, to hear it directly from the individual in question.
And that is what you’re going to hear today. Because today, I’ve got a great story from my client, Rachel.
We worked together for several months, and she underwent a massive physical transformation, losing over 26 pounds of fat, gaining 6 pounds of sexy lean muscle, and increasing strength on all of her major lifts.

But far more important than the physical changes are the changes to her mindset.

Check it out, in Rachel’s own words…

Firstly, I just wanted to say thanks for the last eight months. It has certainly been a life-changing experience. I know you probably get that all the time, but it’s true.

When I think about my achievements over the past year, my health and well-being has certainly been the highlight. Sure, I may have actually done all the hard work, but as you point out, everyone needs someone to guide and instruct you, but also to be that voice of accountability in the back of your head. You have been my guide, and I couldn’t be happier.
Your on-going commitment to keep in contact has really blown me away. I am stoked you're willing to keep chatting and helping me out. It would be easy for you to just say thanks and move on, but you haven't and that's super cool; you go above and beyond, and that means so much. I sincerely hope we keep it up, because that’s really made a huge difference.
Overall, this experience has turned me from this overweight individual with limited self-esteem, to someone who gets comments all the time about how good they look. Now I think I can achieve anything I set my mind too. I got told I look ten years younger just yesterday. Who doesn’t love that?
I should point out that following your coaching program isn’t just doing an “exercise program” and “eating healthy” – it is a whole new way of life.
From the workouts, and the science behind them, being introduced to intermittent fasting, counting macros, embracing carb cycling and reveling in cheat days, I have to say I have learned more from you than anything I had read previously.
I have a confidence in my body which I have never had, and at 35, I am the fittest I have ever been in my life (and I have been involved with sports consistently for years).

Starting Stats: 154lbs, 32% BF
Ending Stats: 132lbs, 18% BF

And it’s not just the way I look: I can run a kilometer in 4 minutes and I can sprint faster than the 18-year-olds I play with, all without actually having to specifically train cardio. Epic.
The impressive changes in my life aren’t just limited to my body either. There are the mindset changes that have occurred too. I now take time out for me, every day. I have booked time in my calendar at work to go to the gym; that time is sacred and I don’t move it for anything (well, 95% of the time).
Doing something for me, every day, no matter what is a very empowering idea. I now feel more control of my own life.
I also used to sit at my desk for 12 hours a day and bitch about people who went out to lunch, or left the office at a normal time (like 5pm). It was such bullshit. I was making up excuses, and thinking I was an awesome employee if I was chained to my desk. Now I work 8 hours a day, go to the gym at lunch and my work output is more than before, PLUS my life is more balanced. All because I put myself first. Besides, healthy body - healthy mind right?
For the first time ever I also get a ton of compliments about my appearance. “You’re fading away” became “You look great” or “Love the guns”… and my favorite, “Oh, I thought you were 20.” I accept all comments graciously on the outside, but on the inside I am pumping my fists and jumping up and down yelling “Fuck yeah, I look awesome.”
The best part of it all is when people ask how I did it my response is always “just regular planned exercise and eating smarter;” because at its core, that is what you teach. You can almost see the look of “is that all?!” cross their faces, when it dawns on them they could do that too.
I think for women, strength is one of those things that we don’t really appreciate until we have it. I have always been a “strong” person but now I have the actual muscular ability to back it up now - no jar of nut butter is safe in my house and I love that. Nothing really feels like a challenge, and I know I could push through anything if I had too.
To quote you again, when you find someone who you gel with, or whose advice you really enjoy following, you stick with them. I’m pretty stoked I happened across your Brain Trust interview with Ramit and I am pretty pleased with myself that I decided to take the plunge. It’s been a game changer for me.
Finally, I just want to mention again that I am super stoked with how I can still keep in contact with you. I get a lot of value from being part of your community, and from our chats. This could have been an eight month coaching program where I walked away looking hot never to be seen again, but thankfully it hasn't turned out like that.
So #fuckmediocrity. It’s a great motto for sure… and one I am glad I have managed to find. So, thanks again for everything. This is not the end.

Stories like that are the reason I do what I do. Helping people like Rachel accomplish her goals is everything to me.
And now, I want to work with a whole new crop of people – and you can even win a chance to work with me FOR FREE.
The scholarship contest is officially open. My email yesterday has all the details, but the important things are:
    • The winner(s) get a full 6 months of custom training, nutrition, and all around coaching from yours truly.
    • I'm giving away FIVE scholarships this year, so there are more chances to win than ever.
    • Entering to win is 100% free; all you have to do is apply.
    • In addition to the scholarship spots, there are 15 "regular" spots open in the coaching program at a huge discount.
Of course, I need to mention that anyone and everyone eligible for the scholarship; even if you're already a coaching client, you can still win!
Go check out the application and apply.
This is a huge opportunity, and I can't wait to work with you :)

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