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little back attic room. She went into the hall, silently up the stairs, and stood outside the door. Elsie was talking softly, but Miss Amanda could hear every word, thanks to the broken lock. I have much to tell you to-night, dear , she heard the waif say, the whole story of the Christmas . It was years ago. His mother was very young, I guess about twice as old as I am. They hadnt any house; they were in a barn. I think there were no houses to rent in that town. But she fixed a little cradle for Him in thethem, and carefully covered by little, toil-hardened hands, was the grotesque potato in its white night-gown. Miss Amanda was surprised by a queer click in her throat, and hurried out of the room. She stood before her fire, candle in hand, and bitterly compressed her lips. She hopes Ill find my Christmas present to-night. Who will send it to me, and what will it be? Whom do I care for, and who cares for me? No one. Not one human being.She crossed the room, and, placing her candle upon the dressing-table, gazed at herself in the glass. I am growing old, old and hard, and perfectly friendless.But why that start andin her lap and tell her the Christmas story. So now it was a great mercy for Elsie that she had her to work for. One day, when she had scrubbed the pantry floor unusually clean, Miss Amanda gave her the privilege of the rag barrel. This resulted in a new Christmas suit of silk and velvet for baby; and this she made. When Elsie left The Home the matron had given her a little needle-book containing a spool of thread and thimble for a good-by present. These now came into good play. She used the lampAmanda crept back to her warm room, and waited until she was sure the was fast asleep. Then she took a down quilt off the foot of her own bed, picked up her candle, and retraced her way up-stairs. She softly dropped the comforter upon Elsie. She heard, as a sort of echo, a soft sigh of content. Miss Amanda waited a moment, then shading the candle with one hand, she looked at the sleeping . The face was pale and thin. The lashes lay dark upon the white cheeks. They were quite wet; but, pressed close topleasure.She crept into bed and took her on her arm. The night was very cold. The frost made mysterious noises on the roof in the nail-holes and on the glass. She went to bed early because the kitchen was so cold. She thought we can talk in bed. The lock of her door was broken, and she could not shut it tight. Through this the air came chilly. Miss Amanda put on her flannel wrapper and her bed-slippers and sat down before the open fire in her sleeping-room. Some way she couldnt keep her thoughts from thatlittle. It seems like a very cold night; the covers are quite thin, but we can never really suffer while our hearts are so warm. Im glad you feel real well, and are just as plump as ever, but your little skin is just one bit wrinkled. You are not going to take cold or be sick? Oh, I couldnt give you up! I should miss you so much, you happy, good little .Miss Amanda heard a kiss. Good-night, dear. Im so tired. God bless us all, and help us to remember Miss Amanda, and let her find her present to-night.Miss

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