Brad ruins Angelina by revealing everything

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Angelina Jolie And Brads Embarrassing Divorce Secret LEAKED Brad tells eveyone that she will not get ever to see their children again Brad tells all the crazy things that happened to get the kids back from her --- It was revealed what really caused the divorce in the first place. You will never know what set Angelina off This-message and everything on this page is-an ad If you'd prefer not to receive future messages go here to end P. O. box 9872 Memphis, TN 38152 Expel your name from our list by submitting your preference right here Obrien Nieland . 10910 W Arabian Way Boise Id 83709-5009 heard the swift patter of bare feet. Out of the darkness came a flash of a pistol shot. It was answered instantly by a ragged but crashing volley. Long tongues of flame spat out into the night. The air was full of whistling bullets. Pseu! pssseu! pssseu! Sang the steeljacketed bullets about the ears of the Americans. Then the sailor nearest Ensign Dave Darrin fell to the ground with a stifled gasp. CHAPTER VIII DISOBEDIENCE OF ORDERS Outnumbered, the Americans did not falter. Save for Hicks, the guide, and the wounded man, the sailors threw themselves automatically to one knee, bringing their rifles to ready. For a moment Ensign Darrin felt sick at heart. He was under orders not to fire, to employ no armed force in a way that might be construed as an act sailors there, sir. Entering the room, Dave stood, cap still in hand, until the last of the American women had passed into the open. Then, replacing his cap, the young naval officer turned to the Mexican who had spoken to the others and who now stood sullenly eyeing the sailors. I have carried out my orders, Dave declared, in Spanish. I regret that I have no authority to punish you as you deserve. Instead, therefore, I will wish you good night. Signing to his sailors to pass out before him, Dave was the last to leave the room. All four of the young sailors, however, stood just outside, where their rifles might sweep the room, at need, until their officer had passed out. Hicks, called Dave, to one of the party of sailors who had surrounded the house, lead these people to the water. The rest of us will bring up the rear. Seeing the women and of his party under safe guidance, Mr. Carmody turned back to speak to their rescuer. Sir, asked the older man, did you know that, on account of the failure to raise the ransom money, we were all, even the babies, to be put to death at sunrise Yes, sir, Dave nodded. Then perhaps you are able to understand the gratitude to which I shall endeavor to give some expression as soon as we are in a place of safety. It is not my wish to hear expressions of gratitude, Mr. Carmody, Dave Darrin answered. As to safety, however, I fancy we are safe enough already. Mr. Carmody shook his head energetically. We have twenty men to the nine we saw in that house, Dave less would he permit American women and to be endangered. Orders, or no orders— Ready, men! he shouted, above the sharp reports of the Cosetta rifle fire. Aim low at the hedge! Fire at will! Crrrrack! rang out the American Navy rifles. Filled with the fighting enthusiasm of the moment, Darrin drew his automatic revolver, firing ten shots swiftly at different points along the hedge. From behind that screen came cries of pain, for the Mexican is an excitable individual, who does not take his wounds with the calmness evinced by an American. Another American sailor had dropped. John Carmody, who had remained with the defending

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