On live today Megyn Kellys private photos released Monday (live 25255039)

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Today Live
Friday Afternoon On
Megyn Kelly quits live Today after producers discovered these photos

>> This is what went down <<

his hand toward a broken rope around the dogs neck. But the animal growled in such a fierce way that the gypsy drew back in fear. Then there was more talk among the darkfaced men about the and the dog. The men seemed to be worried. Snap barked and ran a little way ahead, as though to lead the way out of the cave. Again a man tried to catch him, but the dogs savage growl made him draw back. I guess Snap wants us to come with him, said Flossie. Lets go, Freddie. All rightcome on; and Freddie, taking Flossies hand, started out of the cave. They were afraid, the were, that the gypsies might stop them, but the cave, said Freddie, and he told Nan and Bert what had happened. Mr. Bobbsey was much surprised when the twins came home with the longmissing Snap. So was Mrs. Bobbsey, as well as Sam and Dinah. Gypsies here, are there? exclaimed Mr. Bobbsey. Well, Ill have to see about that. We dont want them hiding in a cave and stealing our things. I guess Ill get some police officers and pay the tribe a visit. But when Mr. Bobbsey got to the cave with the officers the gypsies were not there. They must have known that when the went out they would tell what had happened and that the police would come. So there was nothing for the police to do. The gypsies had run away. They went to the mainland in boats, some of the blueberry pickers said who had seen them. And now that the island is free from the gypsies well have lots more fun, said Mrs. Bobbsey. The thought of them made me nervous. Hark suddenly exclaimed Nan. She, as239 well as all the other members of the Bobbsey family, had followed the police to the cave, even Flossie and Freddie going along, riding to the place in the goat wagon drawn by Whisker. Hark to what? asked Bert. I thought I heard a noise, said the little . Yes, there it goes again, a sort of squeaky noise. Its aits a cat cried Flossie. Oh, if it should be Before she could finish one of the policemen flashed his lantern around the sides of the cave, and then, from a dark corner, some animal came slowly out. It is a cat cried the man who had had the lantern said: Come on. Ill show you two the way out234 and you can go to your camp. No use keeping you, now that your dog is loose. Hed make trouble for us. Hurry up, you fellows, get things out of the way he called to the other gypsies, and they began taking things off the table as though they were going to leave. But Flossie and Freddie did not care about that. All they knew was that they had found Snap, and that they were going home with him to Twin Camp. And Snap was as glad as were they. There you are said the gypsy in rather a growling voice, as he led the to where a big patch

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