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kris when someone doesnt follow her back twitter.com/cnkyuns/status…
tína 🍉 | 📌 melon
monsta x are so grateful for the monbebes that are cheering for them at the red carpet, so they kept on saying "thank you!" "love you!"😭
r // dania day!!
man i looked so good today
vicki 💛 #7FOR7
my baby hair gives me hope that i can rock bangs... but then again idk hmm
yeoreum pics💟
*inhales* yeoreum is one of the sweetest, cutest girls ever and yet she is so painfully underrated and gets -2 lines when she can dance, sing, rap, and is gorgeous on top of all of it. she loves food & is hilarious & is always giggling i dont understaND WHY MORE PPL DONT STAN HER pic.twitter.com/4Oife3PDEl
dania day
dania’s bday is tomorrow we ready
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