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Keeping it short and sweet today.

And for many of you guys who are procrastinating
about getting your Email Marketing
going....well just listen up.

Where did I Screw up in the beginning of my IM career ?

I've talked about this some in the past but thought it worth mentioning again.

Anyway, I am a pretty meticulous guy when it comes to any kind of endeavor I pursue. Fun , but damn meticulous lol

Follow This System and You will be very Profitable ASAP

I remember when I first started my Sign business back in 1999. I experimented and experimented with different type of number designs on my residential signs.

I swear I had 2 different designs that I narrowed it down to. But for the Life of me, I just could not  make a decision of which one to use. So day after day went by and still I could not figure which design I should would go with.

When it came down to it, I wasted weeks because of this one little decision I could not resolve.

Later, I looked back and I should have gone with my gut feeling the first day. And be on with it.

Instead of just procrastinating and wasting time. Yuck !!

So for any of you newbies out there and also some of you experienced Marketers ( yes, I know there are some of you who do this too lol) I strongly encourage you to go by my mantra.

And my mantra is when " good enough is good enough "

In other wards, do not try to perfect your Sales funnel and business model in the beginning. Of course, take your time and learn the fundamentals of Marketing and building your funnel.

But once you have everything in place go ahead and start promoting it.

Seriously guys, get out there and just start hustling.

Don't over think this !

After you start promoting you can always go back and edit and change things here and there. It does NOT have to be done in the beginning.

Believe it or not sometimes in business ' ASAP'  is really a big plus !

The best,

=======> Follow This System and You will be very Profitable ASAP

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