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Eunice away to lie down. The was so tired she soon fell asleep on Mollies bed. Mollie sat thinking quietly by the darkened dow. She had taken a deep fancy to little 223 Eunice, who had seemed to cling to her since their first strange meeting. Barbara and Mollie Thurston were both unusually thoughtful s. Their mothers devoted companions for years, their poverty had made them understand more of life. Mollie realized it would not do for Eunice to grow up ignorant and wild, with only her old grandmother for a companion. The little Indian was already thirsting for a different life. And, some day, the grandmother would die. What would then become of Eunice A little before four oclock Eunice awakened, having slept nearly two hours. She was refreshed and
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dead sisterinlaw. I must seek an explanation somewhere. This little Eunice is the living image of my brothers Indian wifethe poor whom our cruelty drove from our home back to the tents of her own people to die. I was told that her little died with her. There is a mystery here that must be solved. If this little is the daughter of my brother and his Indian wife, onehalf of my fortune belongs to her. Mr. Latham, Miss Stuart quietly interrupted him, this Indian has an old grandmother who will be able to
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Eunice, Ruth called comfortingly. See the candies I have been saving for you Mr. Latham, this is the little Indian who was hurt. You remember that we have spoken of her before Will some one take the away Mr. Latham asked, brokenly. Mollie led Eunice back to her bedroom. Then she hurried in again to rejoin the others. Miss Stuart, I owe you and your s an explanation for my strange conduct, Mr. Latham declared. I feel, this afternoon, that I have seen a ghost I do not understand this Indian s likeness to my means nothing to him, he will not even notice her. If she turns out to be the I believe she is, why, thenthenit is only right that her uncle, Mr. throp Latham, should know of her existence. Come, now, Eunice cried Mollie. Come into the sittingroom with me. The s have some pretty cakes and sweet things they are saving for you. Mollie took Eunices hand. The two s were nearly of the same size and age. They quietly walked into the sittingroom. Where is Automobile number four Mollie heard Mr. Latham ask, just as the two s entered the room. Here I am Mollie replied. Mr. Latham glanced up. His ruddy face turned white as chalk. Mollie
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say nothing. Remember, you are to speak to no one of what happened this afternoon. CHAPTER XXII THE AUTOMOBILE S Immediately after breakfast, next morning, The Automobile s started in Ruths car for Nakis house in Pittsfield. Miss Stuart had decided that it would be best to have Eunice out of the way when she and Mr. Latham made their call on the grandmother. So the s hurried off after Eunice. They were in splendid spirits as they approached Nakis house. No one of them 231 doubted, for an instant, that Mr. throp Latham would find little Eunice was his niece. You run in and ask the grandmother whether Eunice may take a ride with us, little head of yours Come, dear, let us put your gold chain on the outside of your dress. There can be no harm in that. I think Miss Sallie, the lady with the white hair, would like to look at it. Eunice, who had a s fancy for pretty ornaments, was glad to have Mollie pull the chain out from under her dress. The curious, beautiful ornament shone glittering and lovely against the light background formed by the s dress. Wait for me here, Eunice, requested Mollie. I want to go into the other room for a minute. Mollie peeped inside the sittingroom door. Mr. throp Latham was cosily drinking his tea in the best of humor. He had a decided liking for Miss Stuart and her Automobile s. Bab was joking with Mr. Latham as she plied him with sandwiches and cakes. For half a minute Mollies heart misgave her. She was afraid to try her experiment. 225 The Cup in Mr. Lathams Hand Trembled. 227 Good gracious she thought, finally, what possible harm can it do Mr. throp Latham to look at poor, pretty little Eunice If the

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