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    which had just passed between him and his sister. He meant, of course, to tell her and his wife what had happened, but he meant to put his own interpretation on the affair before they heard of it from anyone else. Did his better nature move him Perhaps it did. He looked around the room and answered testily: The law certainly

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    Go back to your apartment at once, Gladys interrupted her father sternly. Mr. Stuart turned upon him. Ralph Le Baron, I am going to do something, tonight, that I never expected to do in my life. I am going to expose a father to his own child. Wait here a minute, Gladys. Mr. Stuart then told Gladys the whole story. She stood listening in utter silence, her face crimson with blushes. Barbara could only lookAunt Mollie the you borrowed from Uncle John, t you please let me give her this of mine I must do it, father. I cant understand the business side of it, but it just seems to me we owe her the 34 and thats all there is to it I have been horrid and haughty many times, but I cant bear that we should seem—dishonest Poor Gladys
    you, Mollie, and Mr. Stuart, 31 who seems to be taking an unusual interest in your affairs. I have not the slightest intention of ever paying back the Mrs. Thurstons manner changed. She spoke firmly. I should be exceedingly sorry, Ralph, to have any trouble with you over the matter; but the law must compel you to pay your debt. Notso fast, sister, smiled Mr. Le Baron, sarcastically. You are coming into a remarkable business knowledge all at once, but you do not yet know quite enough. The law does not compel me after six years to pay a debt which has not been presented to me within that time. Perhaps you have never heard of the statute of limitation. Perhaps your friend, Mr. Stuart, will make it clear to you. You should have asked me for this five or six years ago. The New York law does not require a d

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