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Wired In
Wired In
By Toby Neal
From a USA Today bestselling author: Special Agent Sophie Ang is tracking a vile criminal operation — but the technology that put her on the scent goes way outside what’s authorized by the FBI. With lives at stake, she must fly under the radar to bring down her hidden target… solo.
Free! £3.33
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Shocking True Story
Shocking True Story
By Gregg Olsen
A New York Times bestseller! A true crime writer receives a promising lead on a blockbuster story — but as he follows the trail, he fears becoming the victim of his own chilling murder mystery.
Free! £3.33
Desperate Housedogs
Desperate Housedogs
By Sparkle Abbey
When pet therapist Caro Lamont finds one of her clients murdered, she instantly becomes a suspect! With a detective dogging her steps, she tries to sniff out the real killer in this fun-filled mystery for animal lovers.
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